Could I use gifs from your blog in my blog if I source them?

I’m fine with that as long as you source them :) Thanks for asking!

3.8.14 - - -
108. Fred and George got their idea for their animated fireworks (the ones they used when they left school) from the Leprechaun the Irish Quidditch team used in the World Cup.
But we’re not stupid — we know we’re called Gred and Forge.
107. Bill asked George to be Victoire’s godfather. At first, George was adverse to the idea; after all, he had a business to run all by himself (although that wasn’t true, as he had Ron, Lee, and Angelina to help) and new inventions to create. However, after some poking and prodding from his friends and family, George accepted—on the one condition that he got to teach his goddaughter (and niece) how to make good pranks. Bill and Fleur readily agreed, as they both saw it as an opportunity for George to start the healing process after Fred’s death.
Have you considered traveling around the world? Meet some Asian wizards, maybe?

I suppose we could travel, right, Fred?

Sure. Like the Hogsmead branch of our shop, we could do others in different parts of the world.

Like Egypt. We liked Egypt.

Except for the fact that we failed in locking Percy in a piramid.

Blame Mum for that. But anyways, Anon, we’re always open to going other places.

We’d like to visit America someday, too. We heard that the Universal shops do really well.

Hope you have a very Happy Birthday today boys!

Thanks, mate!

1.4.13 - - -
So what are your forms if you have already become animagi? What about a map of Diagon Alley or maybe Hogsmead? I bet if anyone could do it you could. Do you have any tips for an aspiring inventor?

We can’t divulge all our secrets, now can we?

We could give them a hint, George.

Right you are, Fred. We have four legs and we’re ginger. The rest is up to you guys to figure out.

Now, a map of Diagon Alley would be very good to have, especially for out customers. We may have to look into that. As for advice on an aspiring inventor, I’ve always liked the phrase ‘just do it’. If you have something that you want to invent, seriously, just do it. George?

It’s simple really. Fred and I started thinking of things that we thought would be fun, and we created them. We didn’t let anything stop us—not even our parents—and we went with our guts.

Plus money is good to have.

Yeah, money’s always good if you want to get your idea/invention out there.

1.4.13 - - -
I agree that your 'graduation' was pretty freaking phenomenal but do you both think you could make something like the marauders map or become underage animagi? I believe you are both brilliant and could do it I am just curious about your thoughts.

What do you think, Fred? Could we pull off something like the Maraurder’s Map?

Well, it’s already been done before, and we like more original ideas, don’t we, George?

But, what if we did something like a map for the world, y’know?

That would have a lot of footprints on the map. Over 7 billion pairs.

We could duplicate the map. We know the basic principles of it. Now, for the underage animagi… Who said we weren’t already? ;)

1.4.13 - - -
Hi Fred and George!

'Ello there!

28.3.13 - - -
Hey my favorite Weasleys! Just wondering what some of your favorite pranks are? You know the ones that you never get bored of doing. OH! And do you think you beat the Marauders in causing the most mischief at Hogwarts?

I’ll let the boys take over. I think it’s about—-

Well hello boys and girls! Fred here. George is escorting our lovely lady back to her own little corner while I figure out this compy-thingyy. Bloody keys.
Some of my favorite pranks, personally, have all happened at school. After all, what’s school without a little fun? However, I think the prank we pulled on ickle Ronnie-kins when he was a kid was the best.

Fred, was that the one where we changed his teddy into a spider?

Right you are, George.

That was one of my favorite pranks, too, but I think I liked when we stuck Montague into that cabinet better. His expression was priceless—especially when Snape finally figured out how to get him out.

Oh, wait, I think we read this wrong. “The ones that you never get bored of doing”.

Oh, that’s easy! Replacing regular cremes with canary cremes and trading people’s wands with trick wands are definitely ones that I can do over and over again.

I’ll agree with you there, George.
Now, for the Marauders, well, they were pretty much our inspiration. We’ve been trying to top them for the longest time, and I think we’ve come close…

…Actually, I think we beat them, Fred. Our ‘graduation’ of Hogwarts, remember? With the brooms and the fireworks and everything.

Oh yeah, that. Yeah, we totally beat them then. That was wicked!

Thanks for the question, love! We love when people ask us questions. It gives our lovely lady a chance to rest.

She’s trying to steal the computer back, so we’ll go for now. Wouldn’t want her to get angry.

Hey guys!

If you hadn’t noticed, I haven’t really been keeping up with the headcanon. That’s mainly because I have writer’s block.

But, I have an idea: what if you guys submit your headcanon about the twins? I’ll post them and give you credit, and this blog can keep running. :)

Also, if you like, you can ask the twins anything you wish. I’m sure they’ll be willing to answer your questions.

As always, your faithful(ish) blogger.

I just finished reading all of your blog and can safely say it is AMAZING!! I loved the pact of the twins, so cute! (:

Thank you very much! :)

11.2.13 - 1 - -
106. Fred and George weren’t thrilled with Dolores Umbridge to start with, but it wasn’t until she kicked them off the Gryffindor Quidditch team and confiscated their brooms that they really started to hate her. Now, that wasn’t surprising in the least. What was surprising was the fact that they didn’t do anything to her personally. Sure, she was a Ministry worker, but the rules hadn’t stopped the Twins before. It was a sign that the boys had started to grow up.
105. Though George was able to produce a Patronus once again, it wasn’t until much, much later in life. In fact, it wasn’t until Roxanne and Freddie II were in school that George finally was able to produce his Patronus—and that was when he found out that it had changed into his twin’s silver fox.